“While the feedback from our recent three day annual Directors’ Meeting has been resoundingly positive about all sessions…I am confident, from the comments of our 105 Directors who attended, that if I told them they could only “keep” two hours of the three days we had together…they would all say, ‘The two hours with Barry Banther.’ Enough said.”

 -  President/CEO, Eckerd Kids

"Barry Banther shows how to cultivate the leader within. He shows how to get superhuman results by treating people like human beings. What is the leader's gift? Giving power to others so they can flourish."

 -  Fawn Germer, International Leadership Speaker, Bestselling, Oprah-featured Author, 4-time Pulitzer Prize nominee

“Barry Banther was the keynote speaker at our last annual conference and the man did not simply ‘bring down the house,’ he actually elevated it! Undeniably he was engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining, and yes, even inspiring, but what Barry accomplished was far more meaningful. Barry connected with our group and then he led them to a deeper understanding of themselves and the people they lead. In a powerful but kind manner, he turned the lights on for so many of us that day.”

 -  Deputy Director, Home Care Association of Florida

“Barry is always well prepared and is an engaging speaker.  He possesses a unique ability to listen to his client and present a program that directly deals with significant issues.  You will not find a better individual who can help your employees grow.”

 -  Corporate Vice President, News and Local Programming – Bright House Networks

“Barry understands the difference between being called a leader and being a leader. He challenges you to self-reflect on your style and this is a benefit whether you are an established, new or aspiring leader. His five gifts outline exactly how being a selfless leader can benefit your team’s engagement, motivation, morale and bottom line.”

 -  Ken Wright, former CEO of Westpac Financial Services and award winning author of The People Pill

“Dr. Banther recently spoke at our Family Physician conference, and was consistently rated as one of our best speakers of the week.  His presentation was compulsively prepared, with the needs of both the audience and the conference clearly in mind.  The talk was delivered flawlessly, and was appropriately punctuated with humor.”

 - Associate Director, Family Practice Residency – Bayfront Medical Center

“It is not often that we get 100% “exceeded our expectations” from the group. We were honored to have you with us… you played such an integral part in our conference’s success.”

 - Director, BayCare Imaging

“The change workshop you facilitated at our managers meeting was a huge success. Several of the managers indicated that this is one of the best workshops they have attended as a district manager for Pfizer. I highly recommend you as a keynote speaker and trainer.”

 -  Regional Manager, Pfizer

"Thanks for the excellent job you did with us. I’ve received many positive comments on the material you presented. Once again Barry you’ve served us well on this journey on improving our organization’s leadership and teamwork skills.”

 -  Director, Avionics & Communications – Rockwell Collins

"A Leader's Gift is the Philosopher's Stone of leading: an alchemy of wisdom, values, direction, and talent that produces golden insights. Banther gives the gift of this brilliant book on investing in and contributing to others."

 -  Alan Weiss, PhD, author, Million Dollar Consulting and Thrive: Stop Wishing Your Life Away