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Why am I doing this?  Because I want to help you.  Seriously, that has been my personal mission for most of my adult life.  Unfortunately, I have failed at doing that as much as, or maybe even more, than I have succeeded.  But I have finally found the secret – aging

In other words it takes experience.  And, surprisingly, some of the best wisdom comes from bad experiences.  For example, here are some of my top learning experiences;

      The time I fired an employee on Christmas Eve.

      When I ridiculed an executive who tried to hire me for his startup that 25 years later is one of the largest media companies in the world.

      How I naively turned downed a large cash offer for a piece of property out of a false sense of obligation to the neighbors, who instantly took that as a sign of weakness rather than consideration and pounced on me.

And this is just a sampling from my list.  I have a lot of experience about what doesn’t work and, thankfully, I have used those situations to make better decisions over the past 15 years.  I think I can help you think more clearly about your role as a leader whether at work, at home or in your community.

Any leader today faces challenges that weren’t there a decade ago;

      Employees have communication access to each other that doesn’t require face-to-face work.

     Social media can expose your decision making to colleagues, constituents or customers before you have ended a meeting.

     You can’t shape your market with any certainty

So, here’s what you can expect from me in this blog.

     I will share solutions I have seen to tough management problems

     I will try to make you think about difficult subjects you would rather ignore.

     I will tell you about how I have failed and what finally worked for me.

     I will join you in a discussion about what it takes to lead with integrity and how my family and my faith have impacted me on this journey

     I will start a conversation between you and me about life around us from the pew to the public square.

Leadership isn’t something you do, it’s someone you become.  I hope to connect with you on this journey of becoming a lasting leader.

Be encouraged,


Posted on December 11, 2013 .