A Manager's Manners Matter

I can't believe I actually wrote that. But wait, I am serious. Your manners matter now more than ever. Few, if any, of your employees jump out of bed like it's Christmas morning and head to work. In fact, by the time they get to work they have had to deal with all sorts of problems - child care, illness, juggling bills, checking on a parent, figuring out a schedule, etc.

The mood you set at work can either push them up or push them overboard! Do these three things everyday: first, personally greet every employee. Don't wait for them to come by your office. Go to them. Say good morning and engage them in a brief and encouraging conversation. Save the work orders for a little later.

Second, throughout the day make sure you thank them at every opportunity. And no, they should not be thanking you that they have a job. It actually costs you about $12,000 out of pocket to replace a good employee. You can't afford for them to feel ignored and unappreciated.

And third, try to catch them at the end of the day and wish them well for the rest of the evening. You will probably be the only person in their life saying good morning, thank you and hope you have a good evening. The payoff? Well, no team ever performed at a high level for a boss they detested!  

Be encouraged,

Posted on April 20, 2015 .