Juggling Bowling Balls

Believe or not, it's possible! In my professional association are two guys known as "The Passing Zone" and they even juggle chain saws! But c'mon, how can a manager plan, lead, and do all in the same breath?

Well, it's the new normal so accept it. Remember when schoolteachers had a planning period during the day? That's your cue. Try to block out an hour a day, with the door shut, to do nothing but plan and prioritize. And if nothing else, thirty minutes.

Don't try to put it off until once a week. The tyranny of the urgent will consume you and your planning and prioritizing will be on the fly. Make it incremental and make it daily.

Now that I think about it - you are attempting the most difficult juggling act everyday - people!

Be encouraged,


Posted on April 3, 2015 .