Make Your Own Weather

Chances are you didn't return to work this week with a sense of optimism for the New Year. Even if your business is growing there are too many troubling signs to damper your enthusiasm. 

Now, how does that affect your associates? An employee’s motivation for work is influenced most by their manager. Here are three ideas to help: 

First, get out in front of the Presidents State of the Union by giving your team an update on the state of your business in general and their work in particular. 

Second, focus on what they can impact. While global issues are important, do they really impact your team’s day-to-day tasks? 

Third, get a head start on pointing out what they are doing well and where improvement is necessary. Empower your team to take charge of their personal improvement. 

Alan Weiss admonished me recently to, "Make today your perfect day." And he's right; you and I make our own weather everyday.

Be Encouraged,

Posted on January 7, 2016 .