Be A Good Scout

Are you on the lookout for big obstacles? If you aren't sure then today is the day for you to "scout ahead".

Ask each member of your team to give you fifteen minutes in-person or on the phone. This conversation is about only one question, so discipline yourself to stay focused. Ask each team member this question in your one-on-one meeting, "What is the biggest obstacle threatening you from achieving the goals for your job?"

Each answer will be important. And when you put them together collectively after the last meeting then you will see the common trends as well as the unique and unexpected challenges ahead.

I don't know what else you were planning to do today. But, can you think of anything more important to the success of your team than you, as the leader, getting a clear picture of what they see as obstacles?

It has been said many times before, "A good leader defines reality, provides the necessary resources and says thank you". Today is your day to define reality.
Be encouraged,

Posted on June 1, 2016 .