Getting Engaged

Engaging Employees is like "Getting Engaged."

So, how do you get your employees more engaged? It's not too much different than the way we used to think about this word in the last century!

First, is this employee a keeper? In your opinion, do they have the knowledge, skills, and attitude to exceed your performance expectations?  This will require you to give some disciplined thought and reflection about each associate.

Second, what are you going to offer to demonstrate your sincerity? 
I.e., the ring! Here is the best I have heard, "I have an opportunity for you to improve your skill in (fill in the blank) would you be willing to invest 
some training time in this?" If this is answer is yes, resist the temptation to hug them!

Third, set a date. When will they do the training? Is it online, in class, OJT?  Have these questions answered before you ever pop the question. And be sure to follow through with your commitment. Broken engagements hurt everyone.  

Be encouraged,

Posted on June 16, 2015 .