Are You Growing? or Just Going Along?

The facilitator asked each of us to share a current goal.
I was sitting around a table with ten other professionals whom I admire greatly. When it came my turn I uttered a phrase that I had been keeping to myself. “I want to end well.” was my response.

Now, I am no where near finishing. I have a lot of good work yet to do. But, I am closer to the end than I have ever been! And so are you! So, you better start thinking about my goal too.

So much of life today is temporary. Phones, computers and even jobs don’t last like they once did. And while change is usually productive, the key question for leaders is “Are you growing or just going along?”

Leadership isn’t something we do, it’s someone we become. Who are you becoming? I have invested three decades in training and coaching leaders. And along the way I have experienced my own leaders journey.

Here is what I have discovered. If you want to end well then stop focusing so much on the future and pay attention to now! What you read this week, the decisions you make today, and the actions you take, will directly affect your future.

Be encouraged,


Posted on January 9, 2014 .