Are You a Coach or a Cop?

Are you a coach or a cop?  What will you employees experience the most today from you?  Will it be, "Let's talk about how we can improve that process" or will it be, "This is the third mistake you have made on this project and it is unacceptable!"

No need to waste any mind space about which it the best form of leadership.  Here is how you bring out the coach rather than the cop.  First, invest time thinking about each of your associates and ask yourself one question, "What is one thing they need to improve in?"

Second, set an appointment with them to meet.  Begin the meeting by pointing out what they are doing well and then ask what they believe they should improve in.  If it is the same as what you are thinking then start coaching.  If it is not, then, work on whatever they mention and bring up your area as well.

Third, thank them for taking time to meet with you and remind them that you want to help them improve.  Coaching leads to high performers.  Being a cop leads to people who devise ways not to get caught.  Your choice.

Be encouraged,


Posted on July 31, 2014 .