High Tolerance for Ambiguity

We all want certainty. We want our plans to meet our expectations. We want our team to perform according to schedule. We want our suppliers and our customers to do exactly as we want. And then we wake up and realize we're dreaming!

The advent of continuous communication, via the net, forever changed the notion of certainty. The market disruption that has become the norm requires us to always be facing a foggy future. So, how do you develop a "high tolerance for ambiguity"?

First, admit the obvious - everything is changing constantly. Let yourself off the hook that there is something wrong with your management if things aren't perfect. Second, learn how to move quickly from side-to-side. If one task is late, then how can you move over and tackle another one? If someone else makes a big mistake how can you take immediate small steps to recover?

Third, find a way to use your skills, and that of your team, to help others handle their ambiguity. You can be a sounding board, you can help brainstorm solutions, and you can help redeploy resources to keep their schedule on track. When all around you people are bailing water as fast as they can, you want to be the guy selling bigger buckets!

Be encouraged,


Posted on February 4, 2015 .