The Thanksgiving Managers

That first Thanksgiving was actually a meeting of managers. Before you stop reading, consider this, the Native Americans had long had a process of who would plant, who would water, who would weed, and who would harvest their crops. Supervision usually fell along the lines of age and experience (sound familiar?).

Transporting the pilgrims from their native Europe to the shores of the North American continent was a major corporate enterprise. Several teams were involved including nautical engineers, seaman and ship staff, and management of a corporate grant from the king.

So, when these two business cultures came together in a celebratory event it took a lot of coordination and organization. My conclusion - as a manager you're part of a profession that's been at the core of our founding as a nation. And, as history records, effective managers/leaders built the greatest nation on earth.

Thank you for choosing to be a leader of other associates. Thank you for the extra time you spend before and after normal hours preparing work for the people you lead. Thank you for promoting the very concept of free enterprise that has given us as a free nation much to be proud of on 
this Thanksgiving.



Posted on November 26, 2014 .