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Take a minute and think about the team you lead.  Who is your top performer?  Who does well but has room to improve?  And who is your weak link?  Keep these thoughts to yourself but make sure you have clearly identified them in your mind.  Now you are ready to lead.

First, invest time with your top performer.  Ask them to identify improvements that could be made in any of the processes they work thru everyday.  Tell them you need their insight about how to make the work both more efficient and more effective.  Then listen to them.

Second, have a conversation with your "room to improve" associate.  Ask them to identify one area that they want to improve.  Ask them what help they need from others to do that?  And ask what help they need from you to make that improvement.  Now, act on what they ask for.

Third, sit down with your weakest link.  Tell them something you believe they are doing well at work and be specific.  Don't shrug this off, there is at least one thing they are doing well.  Ask them to identify one thing they think they are doing well.  Finally, share one area you would like for them to improve and repeat the question you used above with your "room to improve" team member.

This exercise is called coaching...professional development...team improvement.  And the people who do this deserve to be called leaders.  In fact, they more often than not become lasting leaders.

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Posted on June 5, 2014 .