Catchy Phrases

"What goes around comes around...what goes up must come down...chickens come home to roost." Enough with the catchy phrases! But there is some truth in all of these.

Before anyone on your team responds to you, they first run through their impression of you in their mind. It takes only a nanosecond but it makes a lifetime of difference. If they perceive you as open to them and willing to listen, then they will respond in a way that supports that.

If they perceive you as close-minded and only interested in "yes" responses, then that is what they will give you in return. Now, this is not a perfect science it doesn't work this way every time - but it does most of the time, so you can't afford to ignore it.

Before you say anything today to anybody ask yourself three quick questions. First, how do I want this person to perceive me as a leader? Second, will the way I say this encourage candor and cooperation? Third, will my comment build my relationship with this person or will it erode it?

Be encouraged,


Posted on June 21, 2014 .