It's Hard to be Humble

It's hard to be humble. It really is. The consensus definition of humility is - power under control. Most managers lean on their "power" to get things done. Threatening, barking orders, criticizing associates, and "because I said so," are the default positions for frustrated leaders. But your team will do their best work when they are empowered and engaged. So, how do you learn to be humble?

First, remind yourself that whatever happens you always have the right to step in and make a decision.   Humility doesn't take away your authority.

Second, remind yourself that people who report to you are closer to the work and your customers, whether internal or external. They, at the very least, have a clearer perspective. Suspend your judgment for a few minutes and listen to them.

Third, celebrate the new ideas or actions that your employees take that work. You are already doing a good job of pointing out where they mess up. Now, put as much, or more, attention on the things they do that really work. Tom Peters, the legendary leadership consultant, once said, "Celebrate the things you want to see more of." And here is a bonus - your newfound humility will result in associates and colleagues being more open to you and your ideas.

Be encouraged,


Posted on March 19, 2014 .