What are you not seeing? I have been managing people for four decades. And there is one thing I have learned that stands out over all the rest - it's what I don't see that has lead to my biggest mistakes. There is a reason why we refer to it as "jumping" to a conclusion. It is a leap between what we think we see and what is really there.

Here is how you can avoid my mistake. First of all, in every situation, suspend judgment. Don't go with your first instinct. You may be right 50% of the time, but the 50% you are wrong about will cost you more than you want to pay. Second, ask questions which you don't know the answers to. Make sure that the people on your team know that you will look at every angle and that you will ask more than the obvious questions.

Third, and this is critical, make a decision. Don't let your hesitation turn into procrastination. Once you have explored all the facts, then it's time to go with your instinct. I once jumped to a conclusion about a business offer that I was given that resulted in me losing a million dollar opportunity. I know the cost of missing what is really there. Learn from my mistake and discover how you can see what no one else does!

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Posted on March 24, 2014 .