Listening Tour

When is the last time you made an investment in listening? No, I don't mean the kind of sporadic activity we do daily of hearing somebody for a minute or two and then spouting off a quick response. When is the last time you listened, ask more questions, and then took time alone to reflect on what you heard and what it could mean?

First, identify one person today that you will "really" listen to. Ask them if they have a half hour for you. Second, during that half hour ask them for their opinion about (fill in the blank with what ever work issue you want to know more about). Resist the temptation to react or make any decisions - just listen and ask more questions.

Third, thank them for making time for you and for their candid response. Now, make some notes on what you heard and practice the rule of 24. That means for the next 24 hours you will think about what you heard, no decisions just mull it over. Then for 24 hours after that, decide what action, if any, you might take. This disciplined approach to listening will reveal valuable information that up until now you have been missing.

Be encouraged,


Posted on February 17, 2014 .