To Decide List

Most managers have a "to do" list. You know the one that has more things on it than you can possible get done in one day. But there might be a more important list you need to keep. It's the "to decide" list. What are the decisions that you must make today?

Begin by asking yourself this question, "What decisions can I make today that will move work along with my team?" This is the action that everyone has been looking to you for. Second, ask yourself, "What decision can I make today that will most positively impact my customers (or whoever is the recipient of your work)?"

Finally, ask yourself, "What decision can I make today that will improve my opportunity to succeed as a leader?" By this time you will have a list of 5-7 decisions that are pending. Make a commitment to act on at least three of these issues by the end of the day. Your "to do" list might not get finished but your "to decide" list will make a bigger difference!

Be encouraged,


Posted on January 20, 2014 .